Don’t Ever Point a Gun

It Is Important That You Don’t Ever Point a Gun

Keep The Muzzle Pointed In A Safe Direction

This is the most basic safety rule. Don’t ever point a gun! At anything you do not intend to shoot that is. Though it is basic and simple, it isn’t always done.  If this rule were followed at all times, there would be very few firearms accidents!  Keep in mind the following safety precautions:

  1. Never point your gun at anything you do not intend to shoot. Be aware of your surroundings.  This is particularly important when loading or unloading a firearm. Just remember, if you are pointing in a safe direction, Injury is much less likely to occur.
  2. A safe direction means a direction in which a bullet cannot possibly strike anyone, taking into account possible ricochets and the fact that bullets can penetrate walls and ceilings. The safe direction may be “up” on some occasions or “down” on others, but never at anyone or anything not intended as a target. Even when “dry firing” with an unloaded gun, you should never point a gun at an unsafe target.  Always pretend that the gun is loaded.  Dry firing can be deceptive due to malfunctions in the gun.  Many injuries and deaths have occurred due to thinking that the gun was unloaded. Remember you can never be “to safe” when dealing with a gun.  Always try to do everything you can to keep you and others safe when handling a firearm.

Make it a habit to know exactly where the muzzle of your gun is pointing at all times. Never point a gun. Be sure that you are in control of the direction in which the muzzle is pointing, even if you fall or stumble. This is your responsibility, and only you can control it.

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